Fugitiva es una serie de prime time, una idea original de Joaquín Oristrell protagonizada por Paz Vega y con un reparto internacional en el que destacan Roberto Álamo, Charo López, Mercedes Sampietro, José Manuel Poga y los actores mexicanos Julio Bracho, Odiseo Bichir, Arantza Ruiz y Luisa Rubino.


Fugitiva is a prime time series, an original idea by Joaquín Oristrell starring Paz Vega and with an international cast that includes Roberto Álamo, Charo López, Mercedes Sampietro, José Manuel Poga and Mexican actors Julio Bracho, Odiseo Bichir, Arantza Ruiz and Luisa Rubino.

Paz Vega has the role of Magda Escudero. Married to Mexican tycoon Alejandro Guzmán and with three children who adore her, the owner of a luxurious mansion located in one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City… No one could imagine that Magda Escudero’s life is far from being a dream. As a result of her husband’s shady business, Magda and her children live under constant threat of death. And one day, Magda and her kids are kidnapped by a violent organized gang. In no time, she loses everything and is forced to fight for her life and the lives of her children.

Away from home and without means, the family will engage in a relentless race for freedom, in an extreme situation that will give them no respite and will push everyone to struggle, minute by minute, for the one thing they have left: their lives.

Crew & Cast



  • Paz Vega
  • Julio Brancho
  • Roberto Álamo
  • Arantza Ruiz
  • Luisa Rubino
  • Mercedes Sampietro
  • Lander Otaola
  • Melina Matthews
  • Raúl Mérida
  • Iván Pellicer
  • Charo López
  • José Manuel Poga
  • Pedro Mari Sánchez


  • Belen Macías
  • Antonio Cuadri
  • Sergio Cabrera


  • Yolanda García Serrano
  • Pablo Bartolomé
  • Joaquín Oristrell
  • Laura León
  • Carlos Molinero
  • Luis Caballero


  • Mar Díaz


  • Miguel Ángel Bernardeau