HIT will have a third season shot in Canary Islands

27 de April de 2022

HIT will have a third season shot in the Canary Islands. Mental health and education are the central axis of the new batch of episodes which again change location. TVE in collaboration with Ganga Producciones shows its support for the islands by producing HIT in there.
After five months without news, fans of the series can breathe easy. HIT, played by Daniel Grao for the last two seasons, will continue to cause trouble and destabilize young people and adults. «In this third season HIT is focusing on a topic that unfortunately, is very frequent nowadays: mental health. We will be dealing with pandemic effects, new technologies, insecurity in young and adult people, addictions and behavioral disorders. Not precisely in education, although it will also be present », has advanced the creator of the series Joaquín Oristrell.

HIT moves away from the city and the rural environment of Puertollano to settle in the islands. “It is a place where one seems to be more wrapped up in oneself, with more possibilities to have an inward looking to their own problems,” explained the creator. We don’t know how Oristrell gets inspired, but he nails it every season. The unexpected reunion of HIT with Lena (Carmen Arrufat) in a detoxification center was the icing on the cake of a shocking season finale, which gained the applause from the critics and the audience.

Oristrell is the chief commander of this series that could become TVE’s flagship for its example as public service. The most important issues affecting youth in the classroom have been reflected in this fiction, and it is one of the main reasons why many critics have defended that TVE should not focus on shares. “For us it is great news that TVE continues to put effort into HIT, a series designed for families and young people from a didactic, educational and public service point of view,” said Oristrell expressing gratitude.