Back to the Eigthies, the great picture of the 80's in Spain, returns with a new season

8 de January de 2015

The 80’s comes back with strenght to TVE in a new season of Back to the Eighties, produced by TVE and Grupo Ganga

This new season will broadcast 19 episodes that reviews a variety of issues related to  events that took place in that period and is also connected to the Remember When storyline,. Back then, the Socialists renewed its electoral victory  in  local and regional elections, and  terrorist band ETA casted a dark shadow on the future os Spanisns young democracy.

These 19 episodes complete the great portrait that started last season focusing in  the decade in which Spain changed its skin and conquered the modernity from many different angles.

After the warm reception of the previous first season, recognized by  Ondas 2014 International Jury, Back to the Eighties comes closer again to every cultural and social aspect that marked those years. And it does so with the same formula that gave such good results last season: the combination of the testimony of people who lived firsthand the events described in each episode and a masterful  use of  TVE footage to enhance its documentary value.

Celebrities as Antonio Banderas, the author of “Gomorra” Roberto Saviano, , Victoria Vera, Raphael, Baltasar Garzón, Luís M. Ansón, Mercedes Abad, Antonio Carmona, Raphael, Lolita, José Luis Perales, the president of Mothers Against Drugs Association, Carmen Avendaño, the ex drug dealer Fernández Padín, J.J. Benítez, football players Bernard Schuster y Michel, Marta Sánchez, José M. Calleja, photographer’s master Ramón Massats, o the writters Manuel Rivas and Andreu Martín are among others that have left us their experiences in the different episodes of this season.

This year’s first episode is focused on terrorism and the dirty war that tragically marked the eighties and threatened the Spanish democracy.