“Fugitiva”, new thriller produced by RTVE and Grupo Ganga, start filming in Benidorm

23 de February de 2018

The town located in Alicante will host the production center throughout more than six weeks

A team of more than 100 people participates in filming, taking place in outdoors and natural landscapes.

One thousand extras from various nationalities will take part in different sequences.

The cast, one of the most relevant of Spanish’ last decades fictions at international level includes Julio Bracho, Roberto Álamo, Charo López, José Manuel Poga, Pedro Mari Sánchez, Mercedes Sampietro, Lander Otaola, y Melina Matthews.

‘Fugitiva’, The new La 1 prime time’s fiction series produced by TVE in cooperation with Grupo Ganga Productions, have recently initiate filming in Benidorm with a working team of more than one hundred people including cast and technicians. The series will stay during six weeks in this town located in Alicante area, either in the city center, the beach or the Serra Gelada surroundings.

Most of the Benidorm’s locations chosen are outdoors or natural landscapes, which are now going into a transformation process under the supervision of the Art Direction team. The large number of outdoors displayed is precisely one of the attractive aspects of this series and one of the reasons why it is brilliant and a genre’s rule-breaking fiction, directed by Sergio Cabrera, Belén Macías y Antonio Cuadri.

The filming in Benidorm will employ more than one thousand extras from different nationalities taking part in different sequences, some of which have been already filmed. The town’s cultural diversity and visual exuberance as well as the destination’s easy filming conditions and well known filming record, makes this mediterranean location the perfect choice.

‘Fugitiva’ is a thriller about Magda, a role played by Paz Vega. Magda is an attractive woman who, having reached a crossroads, sees how her world breaks out and finds herself forced to take a drastic decision. The plot, placed between Mexico and Spain, co-casts Paz Vega along with Julio Bracho as her husband, recognized actor after his participation in series like ‘El Chivo’ o ‘El Chema’; and Roberto Álamo, last year’s best actor Goya winner, who plays the role of José K., a private detective following closely the fugitive’ steps.

Joaquín Oristrell, series creator and scripter, describes ‘Fugitiva’ as “Ninety hours in a family’s life going under pressure by an extreme situation in which everyone is responsible, with characters constantly facing obstacles and strong emotional situations”

From left to right, standing: Fernando López Puig, TVE Fiction director, Luisa Rubino, Toni Pérez, Benidorm’s mayor, Paz Vega, Arantza Ruiz, Joaquín Oristrell and Mercedes Sampietro Down: Raúl Mérida, Lander Otaola, José Manuel Poga, Iván Pellicer, Pedro Mari Sánchez.

Cast also includes Mercedes Sampietro who plays the role of Nora, Magda’s mother; Charo Lopez as Esperanza, her mother in law; José Manuel Poga, Lander Otaola, Pedro Mari Sánchez, and Raúl Mérida playing different characters. The marriage’s three teenage children are played by the mexican actors Arantza Ruiz y Luisa Rubino, and the Spanish actor Iván Pellicer.

The “Fugitiva” scripter team, along with Oristrell, are Yolanda García Serrano, Carlos Molinero, Laura León, Pablo Bartolomé and Luis Caballero.

The series is expected to be released this year in prime time.

Series Cast

Magda Paz Vega
Alejandro Julio Bracho
José K Roberto Álamo
Paulina Arantza Ruiz
Claudia Luisa Rubino
Rubén Iván Pellicer
Nora Mercedes Sampietro
Esperanza Charo López
Edu Lander Otaola
Simón Pedro Mari Sánchez
Velasco Odiseo Bichir
Isabel Melina Matthews
Tobías José Manuel Poga
Pedro Roberto Peralta
Rayco Raúl Mérida

Series Crew

Created by Joaquín Oristrell
TVE Executive Producer Mar Díaz
Grupo Ganga Executive Producer Miguel Ángel Bernardeau
Directed by Belén Macías, Antonio Cuadri
Writing credits Joaquín Oristrell, Yolanda García Serrano, Laura León, Carlos Molinero, Pablo Bartolomé, Luis Caballero
Cast Direction Elena Arnao
Direction of Photography Joaquín Manchado
Art Direction Alejandra Loiseau
Sound Iván Marín
Editing José Luis Picado, Alejandro Lázaro
Original Soundtrack Juan Pablo Compaired
Costume designer Bubi Escobar
Make up & Hairstyling Romana González
Film Direction Federico Escalona
A RTVE and Grupo Ganga Productions Production