Welcome to Grupo Ganga Producciones

Grupo Ganga is a multi award award winning independent production company based in Madrid, founded in 1997 by Miguel Angel Bernardeau. The company is dedicated to the development of high –quality formats in drama series and serials.

The company focuses on dramatic television series and programs, with particular emphasis on spaces for prime time. Programs that are recognized immediately by its values ​​of quality and prestige, “Vicente Ferrer”, “Remember When”, “Patricia Marcos: Missing” or “A country to taste.”

CEO Miguel Angel Bernardeau defines the kind of stories the company is interested in as entertaining family drama that can be enjoyed by people from 11 to 99 years. Although aware of audience fragmentation, the company is convinced that excellent television drama has the power to deliver large audiences when it reflects universal themes and values.

Grupo Ganga has its own post production facilities and staff screenwriters team which allows us to control and manage every creative aspect in the whole production process from original idea to final programme, ready for transmission.

We do television, we tell stories.


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